This guy spent over nine hours walking backwards through the streets of Tokyo.

Watch his surreal journey — in reverse!

(Source: Wired)


Cinematics – Animated Short Film by Pier Paolo

Bruce W. Berry Jr. released a pretty cool time lapse video of the Earth on his Vimeo page. All of the time lapse sequences were captured by astronauts on-board the International Space Station


(Source: Laughing Squid, via laughingsquid)

Ridley Scott Associates
for Jaguar

Tokyo City Symphony 1:1000 Scale Projection

The Tokyo City Symphony has been created as a 10 year celebration for Roppongi Hills, which is themed on ‘Love Tokyo’ and ultimately aims for people to push for a more attractive and exciting world-class city.
The site allows you to interact with the 3D Projections using your keyboard, as if playing a piano… Pretty amazing.


Just me doing stupid things, for a birthday greeting. Shots were done in Jakarta and Bandung with Canon EOS 60D

The View: A “Back-to-the-Camera Shot” Supercut

Filmmaker Casey Neistat embarks on a unique journey to show us what it means to Make It Count.
the tagline translated awesomely.

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